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Sep 14, 2010 6:00pm PDT
and science editor john fowler is live in wheeler island in solano county tonight with our report. john. >> reporter: wheeler island here in the sasoon delta had been wetlands, flooded wetlands for years until someone illegally drained it. killing off fish and wildlife. the stink is powerful. what had been what we're told is 700 acres of wetlands and a duck pond now dry and dying. state fish and game investigators told me they counted at least 1500 dead fish. a few lifeless puddles of brown water remain. a natural gas pipeline runs through here and chevron acknowledges it hired a contractor to do pipeline maintenance. as we showed you four years ago, this levy break flooded wheeler island. it's across the delta from the break point. fish and game says wildlife in the enclosed marsh is protected. chevron had a permit for dry site work only. but that chevron's contractor pumped the pond dry killing the fish. fish and game investigators say illegally killing fish is a misdemeanor and they are asking for the public's help in this criminal investigation. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu new
Sep 20, 2010 12:00pm EDT
by the hands of officers. 29-year-old john wesley wheeler was shot friday morning after he pointed a gun at officers. he survived shots to his stomach, thigh, and a bullet who grazed his head. her mother who did not want her face on camera said her son was depressed after losing his job last year. she claims he had no intention of hurting anyone but because of his religious upbringing he could not take his own life. >> wesley has been taught that if you take your own life, you go to hell. but if you get someone else to do it, even though it's a warped rationalization, that was how he was rationalizing it. >> wheeler also had a run-in with metropolitan police last month for waving a gun in public. he remains in stable condition. police have charged wheeler with assault with intent to kill. >>> the doctor shot at the hospital last month is recovering. dr. david cohen is listed in fair and stable condition. he was shot thursday morning by 50-year-old paul warren partis. after shooting the doctor, partis shot and killed his mother who was a patient, and then himself. >>> the bp well is final
Sep 18, 2010 11:00pm EDT
-year-old john wesley wheeler of maryland. wheeler was shot near 2nd and c streets yesterday morning. he was taken to the hospital. tonight he is charged with assault with intent to kill, carrying a pistol without a license and other counts. >>> we have a traffic alert for you tonight. the south capitol street bridge and the chain bridge are closed this weekend and won't re-open until monday morning. things looking really dark out there, too. dc transportation officials say emergency repairs were needed after some serious structural problems were found during a routine inspection back in may. >> this is the first time i've seen it. so a bad idea. bad traffic. bad traffic planning. >> they are working there until saturday and i live here in southwest. so i would have to go 50 and new york avenue and deal with the traffic there. >> the chain bridge will be shut down for the next three weekends for that work. they will be closing the south capitol street bridge overnight some days and a few more weekends to make major structural repairs, too. [ music ] >>> talk about a great start to the we
Sep 9, 2010 11:00pm PDT
kind of support is red cross providing? >> aside from the shelter for the affected people wheeler providing campaign and first responder. ha you have a staff for crew all along? >> are at thank-you. things are talking to us. and you're looking ahead to such an to continue to pour and and they're desperately trying to save it. we're staying on until midnight tonight to bring you full coverage. it is still not under control. there's a certain area that is under control but only 53 homes. you are looking at pictures taken from earlier this evening. look at this wall of fire right next to the home. it is tragic. it is so sad. they did not really have a chance because the gas ruptured and exploded inside of many of the homes sold you can see the power of the flames. this picture is quite telling because you can see the power and the fury of the flames right next to the home. 5317 last 120 others have been damaged core set tell a still relatively early. the press more canyon area. the stock to jonathan blum. >> yes had appeared at clarence here who has two dogs and they're actually look
Sep 14, 2010 10:35pm PDT
out of the wetlands on lower wheeler island last week to perform work on a natural gas pipeline. at least 1,500 fish have been left to rot. the natural habitat for bids and other wildlife have been destroyed. >>> the cost of alcohol in san francisco is on the verge of going up. today the city supervisors voted on a tax hike. it's not a done deal just yet, but even though, it has some business owners very concerned. david stevenson has our concern. >> reporter: san francisco board of supervisors today approved new fees for liquor sales distributors. >> 35-cents for a gallon of beer. a gallon of spirits or hard liquor will be charged at $3.20. >> reporter: the goal is to recover $16 million in unreimbursed costs the city spends only ambulances, -- spends on ambulances, dui arrests and other services. >> people that are coming out are drinking and eating less because they have less money to spend. >> reporter: the owners of mike liquor worry customers will drive to daily city to buy booze. >> there's no encouragement for them to pick up a case of beer in san francisco and take it h
Sep 9, 2010 10:00am EDT
through the dallas area. amateur video captured this twister, it flipped an 18-wheeler and left the driver trapped. he was pulled out by a stranger. >> the driver of the 18-wheeler stuck his hand out the window and, you know, help, and me and three or four other people went over and pried the door open and helped him get out. >> let's go to the weather channel's julie martin who is live in dallas. julie? >> well, chris, one of the more unexpected effects of hermine and the twisters that tore through the dallas ft. worth area last evening about 6:15, you mention that tractor trailer. we're standing right in front of where that, in fact, happened. you can see the damage this twister left behind. that gentleman inside the cab was on this street heading southbound. he was heading away from me. this twister picked up that truck, spun 180 degrees and slammed him and the truck into that building, which is, by the way, a paint manufacturer from what we understand. so, not only was he lucky to be alive in that respect, but hazardouses chemicals inside that building. this was a hazmat scene last nig
FOX News
Sep 12, 2010 7:00pm EDT
america. >> louisiana, these wheel the smashed up tck body are al that's left of a 18-wheeler after a passenger tran slams into the truck outside of crowley. 14 people transported t local hospitals, theyave nonlif threatening injuries. the driver of the 18-wheeler says he looked both ways when he got to the train tracks, but says when he moved forward, the train s suddenly hit him. new york, more than 100 animals, including this little guy, found inside a filthy home on long island. the couple who owned the charged with animal cruelty. >> they're also dead dogs and parts of dogs found in the home. >> the fire department was called to the home when the ammonia from the animals urine tbecame strong enough to trigger an alarm. most of theor dogs are put p for adoption and the house is condemned. south carolina the university of south carolina adding the new addition to its medieval book collection. it's a bible from the 13th century, the university got it at an auction for 77,000 dollars. >> a lot of things have been studied. this one just popped up on the market like magic. >> julie:
Sep 11, 2010 4:00pm PDT
and working foa knocked off by an 18-wheeler when he tried to pass us. and as a result, i lost both legs. >> reporter: after years of operations, scott had just about given up allope, until he spotted another amputee in a magazine. itasarah reinertsen. she was the first single amputee woman to enter the hawaii ironman competition. story, that she was able to use her life to really do extraordinary things and impact young women.te stt thought maybe he could become an inspiration to others. >> and i saw a lot of our military men and women that were they were missing limbs. and i felt like if i could do a inspire those men and women who, in service, who have put themselves in harm's way for our freedom. rr:otnldid scott fini the ironman race, he came in under the required 17 hours. in addition to wounded soldiers, scott hopes his determination also inspires teens. >> my story is about doing the unthinkable, and encouraging people to do the unthinkable. everybody out there has a finish line. and everybody needs to cross r nie. >> reporter: scott plans to do the unthinkable twice. he's traini
Sep 23, 2010 7:00pm PDT
it is one of 36 routes that the district is eliminating on weekends beginning in december. wheeler, who has health problems, says she will stranded on an island without a suitable way to get to grocery stores, church or anywhere else. >> if this goes away especially on the weekend no life. the fact of the matter is we have nothing here to say that we have any community help like people with cars. >> reporter: this mother of two was once home skp-ls now getting back on her feet. without bus service she worries about getting to doctor appointment >> my son has asthma. sometimes i have to bring him to children's hospital. it is hard to get him there. >> reporter: and places such as this bike shop worry about their weekend customer >> the business could drop off as a result of the 31 being cut. it will effect us. >> even though you are poor you want to have a life. >> reporter: passengers who rely on this 31 say they will lobby to get their line reinstated but the transit officials say if they are successful another route would have to be eliminated. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> president barack
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm PDT
: they do mention people versus wheeler, which establishes criminal conduct including misdemeanors. i guess the real issue is it remains to be seen how much litigation this order may draw in terms of the way it is set up in the notification procedures. that remains to be seen. if it becomes a road block, we will have to come back and look at this. commissioner hammer: i want to thank you for your work. he is not here today, but his name is on it. i want to acknowledge the chief, who i have known for over 10 years. he is an honorable, great police officer. i know he did a lot of work. i want to back up into the big picture questions. i have two areas. one is to get a feel for how far we are. secondly, at some point it is going to affect our ability to deploy police officers on the street. if we had officers the committed surgeon misconduct, that is part of this. i have read the document. it is a model one. nine months ago, we were behind the curve. now we are a little ahead of the curve. that is a good place to be. as we begin today, has the department gone through every pending criminal cas
Sep 3, 2010 4:00am PDT
be thoughtful, there, and practical. we have gone to work with jim wheeler on the safety concerns of hamilton. i think highly of him. i think he is an excellent person to help you make this decision. based on the detailed proposals, they have the necessary information to analyze this on a qualitative and quantitative basis. >> thank you very much. >> [reading names] >> my company is we'll on bundles, and we operate the bike rentals there at stowe lake -- wheel fund rentals. it seems like the focus seems to be all about a new cafe and gift shop, without taking notice of the fact stowe lake stowe is about recreation, and it is one of the tools in the u.s. -- one of the jewels in the u.s. stowe lake should remain very special, and the way it is run currently keeps that all in focus. i do not think it should be a gift shop and a cafe. there is plenty of those around in the area. the reduction of the boat fleet and the service area will only increase lines and frustration for the families trying to enjoy a nice day at the stowe lake location. it is not something that everyone needs. when you have a r
Aug 31, 2010 11:00pm EDT
been there for two months when his hummer was hit by an 18-wheeler and exploded. >> i do not want any parent or any family to have to endure the hurt that i have. it is like it happened yesterday. >> the president focused great deal on what still needs to be done in iraq and afghanistan. 50,000 troops will stay in iraq until the end of 2011. >> advising and assisting the iraqi security forces, supporting iraqi troops in counter-terrorism missions. >> rose marie said that she would feel better if it was more of a clea andn break. >> the responsibility that we felt that we had to help them meant, no. do i think my son died in vain? no. he died for a purpose. they are all heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. my son died a hero and that is all i can say. >> two other soldiers died in that accident with her son. >> the centralist -- the sexual assault of a 83-year-old woman in her own home has had police and neighbors on high alert. it happened on country club drive early yesterday morning in glen burnie. police believe that he was looking to rob her. for whatever reason, he sexually as
Sep 18, 2010 1:00pm EDT
publishing. meet gannon and wyatt wheeler. these twin brothers are globe-trotting explorers. >> we were really born into this project. we've been traveling since we were little kids and we're just really fortunate to have the class, the world as our classroom. >> their experiences are the basis for a new series of books called "travels with gannon and wyatt." the first novel finds the teen travelers in southern africa. >> the book's basically about me and my brother having a crazy adventure in botswana. >> the brothers go on a safari, visit local tribes, and get up close and personal with africa's wildlife. >> when you go on safari, you want to see the big five. the big five is the elephant, the lion, the leopard, the rhino and the cape buffalo. >> well, the scariest animal that i came across had to be a leopard. a leopard is going to think about attacking you versus where a lion would not. >> the idea of turning their journeys into a fictionalized adventure series came from their mother, patti. >> i wrote the book because i truly do believe in the words of mark twain, that travel is fa
Aug 31, 2010 11:15pm EDT
: pelo's colleagues wheeler and dick escorted him to another familiar spot, jail, it was here where pelo dropped a bomb shell. >> he made a comment about the red-headed victim that she was in my hearing the other day. >> reporter: what was significant to you about the comment about the red-head victim. >> the comments top individual victims wasn't released to the whole department. >> no good reason for him to know who the victims if he wasn't there. >> reporter: back at sergeant pelo's house, finally some hard evidence tying the cop directly to the rape a jacket and a ski mask carrying fabric fibers matching those on doubt tape used on kristi. >> fiber evidence is what i think is important. >> reporter: there was more, incriminati incriminating pornography found on his computers the pictures he was looking at home was mirroring that he was doing to his victims. >> male dominating the victim. >> reporter: how disappointing was it that it was their own? >> to go to the victims and say it was one of my own that did this to you it's pretty devastating. >> reporter: sergeant jeff pelo went on
Sep 18, 2010 11:00pm EDT
.s. capital police steps away from the capitol ilding. 29 year old john wesley wheeler of maryland. he pulled his gun on a group of police officers before he was shot and wounded help cheeler is charged with assault with intent to kill and other federal charges as well. >>> threecorner grocery stores and a fast-food restaurants. police believe all five 06 these northern virginia businesses were targets of the same robber. a similar method was used in each holdup. >> reporter: this armed robber has struck five businesses since late july. three of them have been haircuttery salons. police say the surveillance video shows a serial armed robber purling a knife while 408ding up a haircuttery salon. he swiped money from cash registers at businesses in fairfax and always string between late morning and early aftnoon. >> we're working closely with the county detectives on this because he, obviously, sees no jurisdictional boundaries so neither can we. >> reporter: pice say the robber started the crime spree on july 26th when he held up a cash 'n carry on lee jackson memorial highway and struck again
Sep 19, 2010 8:00am EDT
who pointed a gun atultiple officers early friday morning. police shot 29-year-old john wesley wheeler jr. of suitland, maryland, near capitol hill after he refused to drop his weapon. wheeler was charged with assault with intent to kill, carrying a gun without a license and other counts. >>> first responders prepared for the worst during a disaster drill at reagan national airport. they tested their reaction to a pretty terrible scene re. an airplane crash lands there slamming into cars and an airportshuttle. organizers of the drill hope the hands-on experience will help save lives in the event of a real tragedy. think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-speed
Sep 19, 2010 9:00am EDT
a gun at multiple officers early friday morning, they say. 29-year-old wesley wheeler jr. of suitland, maryland, pointed his gun around capitol hill. police shot him after he refused to drop his gun. wheeler was charged with assault withintent to kill, carrying a gun without a license as well as other counts. >>> three hair salons, a corner grocery store and fast food restaurant. police bieve they were targets of the same armed robber. police believe the robberies are becoming more frequent and could turn violent. news 4's darcy spencer reports. >> reporter: this armed robber has strk five businesses since late july. three of them have been cuttery salons. this video shows an armed robber pulling a knife while holding up a haircuttery salon. he swiped money from businesses in fairfax and loudoun county only striking between late morning and early afternoon. >> we're working very closely with loudoun county detectives on this because he obviously sees no jurisdictional boundaries so nther can we. >> reporter: police say the robber started his crime spree on july 26th when he held up ch
Sep 18, 2010 10:00pm EDT
details on the shooting on capitol hill. police say 29-year-old john wesley wheeler jr. of maryland was spotted by police near first and independence yesterday morning. he then ran but officers eventually caught up to him. officers say they shot wheeler when he pointed his gun at them. he is charged with assault with intent to kill and carrying a pistol without a license and other counts. >>> another big story dozens of animals used for medical testing and illegal fights. the washington animal rescue league took in two shipments of rescue animals. one of them involved dogs and cats taken from a medical testing lab in north carolina. the other was pitbulls from what appeared to be a dog fightingring in ohio. >> reporter: maureen, the good things these dogs were brought to our area to be nursed back to health and put up for adoption to local families. we told it appears many of these animals were abused before they were rescued by the humane society in the washington animal rescue league. take a look at this video provided by peta tonight, hard to watch but some of the animals rescued
Sep 19, 2010 8:00am EDT
-year-old john wesley wheeler of suitland, maryland. police say they shot wheeler near 2nd and c. street at he pointed a handgun at them. he's charged with assault with intent to kill and carrying a license and other counts. >>> two major animal rescues in our area. one was taken from a medical testing lab and the other from a dogfighting operation. matt acland has the story. >> reporter: this is undercover video taken by peta at a lab in gates county, north carolina. peta said the workers were mistreating cats, dogs and rabbits. after this was released, the debit of agriculture launched an investigation and the lab released the animals. some of them were brought to the animal rescue league. >> this is a case of about 200 animals in northeastern north carolina and just a horrific medical research lab. >> reporter: saturday veterinarians looked over the animals. the first goal is to nurse them back to health, the second is to find them good homes. >> what we saw in the video was nothing short of abuse. it was deplorable. probably the worst rescue disaster situation we've encountered. >> r
Sep 20, 2010 5:00am EDT
to kill himself. that's when he pointed a gun at capital police officers who shot him four times. wheeler survived the shots. his mother said she just learned her son had a run in with d.c. police last month for waving a gun in public. she wishes he got the necessary help he desperately needed. >> they dropped the ball. if they had stopped him at that point, capitol hill would have been a nonissue. he wouldn't have been on the street to do that. >> wheeler is in stable condition at the hospital. he is charged with vault with intent to kill and carrying a pistol without a license. >>> a new york woman pled guilty to 37 burglaries and admitted to stealing more than half a million dollars worth of gold and other valuables from homes in fairfax and loudoun counties. 34-year-old melinda sotos plea was part of a deal to speak against her husband. she admits to driving her husband and another man from new york to break into homes belonging to south asian americans. she is expected to be sentenced in december. >>> time for our latest living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle has the day o
Sep 20, 2010 6:00am EDT
by capital police says he wanted to die at the hands of the officers. john wesley wheeler was shot after he pointed a gun at officers. his mother, who did not want her face shown on camera says her son was depressed after losing his job last year. she claims he had no intention of hurting anyone but because of his religious up bringing, he couldn't take his own life. >> wesley was taught if you take your own life, you go to hell. if you get someone else to do it, even though it's a warped rationallyzation, that was how he was rationalizing. >> wheeler had a run in with metropolitan police last month for waving a gun in public. he is in stable condition. police charged wheel we are assault with intent to kill. >>> the doctor shot inside john hopkins is continuing to recover after being shot in the abdomen. a spokesman says dr. david cohen is in fair and stable condition. he was shot by paul warren pardus after shooting the doctor, police say pardus shot and killed his mother, a patient then himself. >>> three anne arundel county schools are closed because of a water main break. chesapeake hi
Sep 19, 2010 6:00am EDT
pointed a handgun at them friday morning. around 5:00 a.m. 29-year-old john wesley wheeler jr. of su suitland poied a gun at several officers near capitol hill. police shot him after he refused to drop his gun. he washarged on seral counts. >>> six members of a church are dead and eight others injured this morning after a tragic accide in new york. members of the joy fellowship assembly church in the bronx were traveling up interstate 87 to a church event when the back tire of their van blew out. the van fipped over in the median killing six including the church's bishop and his wife. one man who was supposed to be driving the van but had to drop out at the last minute says it's hard to believe the accident actually happened. >> this is like a dream and i hope it's a dream. right now i really don't want to believe it. six brothers and sisters, they're family. a lot of people are outside crying. >> seven people still in critical condition. it took over five hours to clear the van from the roadway, backing up traffic for hours. >>> berepared for the worst. that was the motivation behin
Sep 3, 2010 1:00pm EDT
with the strong winds because think of this hurricane as a 18 wheeler. at one point, this was 145-mile-per-hour hurricane. think of that 18 wheeler hauling down the highway. it is not putting on the brakes now. just letting the gas off and slowly coasting down so all the large hurricane effects are still slowly winding down. looks calm out here. been calm since we've been here for latter part of the week here in chatham harbor and a barrier island allowing the area to be calm. you see basically one or two boats left here. there were dozens and dozens of water craft here throughout the week. the owners have been pulling them out. even the harbor patrol taken at least two boats away from here because in 1991, last time a hurricane hit this part of cape cod, the boats in the harbor well deep in the beaches here and virtually destroyed so trying to protect peoples' property here. but a few places have been boarding up. but local residents, they're used to nor'easters here and doing their preparations, taking down the flags and the beach furniture and going to basically hunker down for a pr
Sep 9, 2010 9:00am EDT
. this semi truck, a 18 wheeler, heading home on this busy street. he was in the other lane all the way across this busy road. tornado picked up the truck, flipped it 180 degrees, slammed it into the truck. fortunately, he's okay. and no one was inside the building when this happened. but again, a very close call and a very scary time for a lot of people here in the dallas-ft. worth area not used to sees tornadoes out of the nowhere. again, as far as the weather is concerned, however, the worst of hermine moved on and we could see impacts in states like arkansas, missouri later on today and maybe a little in oklahoma, as well. but i don't think it's as bad as what texans gone through in 24 hours. chuck? >> very quickly, i know you are on the scene in dallas. what about igor? the tropical storm. >> reporter: yes. still a ways off. days off is my understanding. so it's another one to watch very carefully. keep in mind, hermine surprised everyone so the power of these things is not to be underestimated. >> yeah. absolutely not. still looking at the 18 wheeler that you just described, unbelievable
Aug 31, 2010 5:30pm PDT
miles off the turks and caicos. a picture taken from the space station from astronaut doug wheeler shows the eye both beautiful and intimidating. hurricane earl is heading northwest with winds of 135 miles an hour and a hurricane watch is up for much of the north carolina coast. that includes kill evil hills where don teague has been monitoring earl's path. >> reporter: whipping, angry winds, scenes from a window in st. marten as hurricane earl sideswiped the virgin islands, dumping up to eight inches of rain. >> i've never seen waves like this! >> reporter: in st. croix, heavy surf crashed on shore, the waves tore boats from their docks, and in st. kit's, heavy surf ran this coast guard ship aground. high winds damaged roofs and knocked down trees and power lines, blocking roads. the next population in the hurricane's path, the 36,000 residents of the turks and caicos islands. >> we're getting really choppy water. on the west side of the island is where the open ocean is and it's extremely rough throughout right now. >> reporter: computer models predict earl will remain a powerful hurri
Sep 23, 2010 5:00pm PDT
a major corridor. so it's one of the feeder routs being eliminated beginning in december. wheeler says she'll be stranded literally on an island with no suitable way to get to grocery stores, church or any where else. >> especially on the weekends, there's no life. the fact of the matter is we have nothing here to say we have any community help like people with cars. so the bus is really important to us. >> reporter: this mother of two is now homeless and is now getting back on her feet. with no bus service, she worries about getting to the bus. >> my son has asthma, sometimes i have to take him to the hospital and i can't get there unless i call the ambulance, and that's going to cost me a lot of money. >> reporter: business on alameda point such as this bike shop worry about their weekend customers. >> the weekend can drop because of the 31 being cut. it will affect us. >> how about people to get here to come to work? >> yeah, and i take the 31 in the morning, so on saturday. >> even though you are poor, you want to have a life. >> reporter: ac transit officials say all the lines being e
Sep 14, 2010 6:00am EDT
of the traffic. >>> there is an accident on i-95 south of fredericksburg within overturned 18-wheeler and a horse trailer. they are closing interstate 95 south of fredericksburg. >>> a pleasant day and kind of boring from a weather point of view. it is a very straightforward, sunny, dry day. slight chance of showers into friday. we're not expecting much from the cold front >> think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet wi
Sep 18, 2010 11:30pm EDT
, identified as john wheeler jr. of suitland maryland. the police say he a gun at u.s. capitol officers just blocks away from the capitol complex friday morning and refused to drop his weapon. that is when the police were forced to shoot him. he is being treated at the hospital. he is facing numerous charges. >>> a man accused of killing at chandra levy is trying to keep a medical expert of the stand next month. the witness is expected to say that the congressional intern was straggled back in 2001, but ingmar guandique's defense attorney said that would be unconstitutional testimony since the remains were never independently examined. on the key has pled not guilty to the murder. -- ingmar guandique has pled not guilty to the murder. >>> president obama compared the economy to a car that has been driven in the ditch and that republicans are not equipped to fix the problem. >> you are not pushing fast enough, hard enough. finally we get the car out of the ditch. it is back on the road. we get it on the shoulder, they say we want the keys back. we tell them, you can have the keys back, you do
Sep 4, 2010 11:00pm EDT
, south dakota. we've got for foremen in arkansas. 76. for you truckers, wheeler, mississippi, 89. for those of you who say, honey, i need to go out of town for business. teen green estates. don't sweat it up too much on the golf course, guys. the seven-day outlook. near 90 tuesday. 90s wednesday. another front moves through. no chance of rain this week but an absolutely gorgeous weekend. >> thanks, great forecast. >>> and from the category you won't believe this. an oregon woman got a visit from an unexpected house guest this weekend when a plane took a nosedive into her home. amazingly the pilot survived, was even able to walk away from the site. >> i went out my door right here and closed it, and then i was on the ground. bang. it blew me off the porch and on the ground about four feet. i don't know if he got tossed out, if he climbed up the plane instead of down. there was gasoline pouring out into my house. >> pretty amazing. i'm amazed he walked away. >> the homeowner had just left the house when the plane came crashing down. get this. the 70-year-old pilot ended up sitting
FOX News
Sep 17, 2010 3:00am EDT
at a circus in bakersfield, california. working as a sideshow bearded lady. she is vivien wheeler and she has "wear wolf syndrome." that would be nice. hey, you have wear wolf syndrome. she is also a huh maf raw dite. lauren's father met her in nebraska and took her son away afterbirth. now they are reunited after 33 years. this is a beautiful story. and not only that -- it is a beautiful story. >> it is, it is. >> and she informed him he has a brother. >> when they show an interest in the water that's when we introduce the bath. >> we have a lot of bathtub -themed things. nick, if you were the son and you went back to your mom, would you be over joyed or distraught? >> if the closest i could come is a snap shot, i am calling the search off there. i know a little about this. i am italian and i have three sisters. it skips a generation. i have a niece and she has a full goatee. it is embarassingment she comes up to bat in little league and the crowd all chants. it is the wolf blitz syndrome. >> my gosh. do you think this guy is somewhat relieved when he discovered it? >> he dodged a developme
Sep 9, 2010 6:00am PDT
it into a building. a good samaritan helped to pull the injured driver to safety. >> the driver of the 18-wheeler stuck his hand out of the window yelling help. me and four other people went over and pried the door open. >> the tornado also snapped telephone poles and took down trees and left a lot of frayed nerves. >> my goodness. the time is 6:18, hopefully it is calm on the roadways. >> southbound 880 in oakland, cleared about 40 minutes ago. things have been moving smoothly. no major slowing here. 580 westbound is moving nicely. 24 out of the caldecott tunnel, mild slowing. east shore freeway is nice. folks will notice as you go through the streets of treasure island a couple blocks are blocked off because of equipment coming in, that will effect the muni line that takes you on to and off of treasure island. that only goes until 6:00 p.m. the bay bridge toll plaza, we have had a nice burst of traffic coming through the area, off of 880 and the east shore freeway. no metering lights yet. yesterday they were turned on early because of a disabled bus on the upper deck. a live look out there, we
Sep 17, 2010 4:00pm EDT
fall by the christina romer wayside. but i think that's why it's important as marcie wheeler noted today, that people who care about this commission, stay vocal and really engage and make sure they support warren because this only happened because the base made noise and she's only going to continue to have power if they continue to make noise. >> you have to give the president credit though, right? because he did pick her at least to start the agency. >> absolutely. he could be setting the ground work for a really wonderful, you know, opportunity for her to go in and really fashion this. in a functional way. and we hope that's what happens. i think the best chances of insuring that are if the people stay vocal about it and make sure they support her. >> on the next issue, the president goes the other way. oba obama's mocking the left. last night, he poked fun at the nay sayers at a fund raising event event in connecticut saying -- that's a good one. obama. the president is obviously frustrated with those who believed him. last month, robert gibbs came under fire for lashing out ag
Sep 9, 2010 4:00pm EDT
tornadoes were record around the oklahoma/texas border. one of them through an 18-wheeler into a building. the storm is now causing major flooding in oklahoma. >>> iran announced faye one of the three detained hikers will be released on saturday. a spokesman tells nbc news, the only woman in the group sarah shourd will be released very soon. they did not specify which hiker would be release asked officials refuse to say. sarah shourd, shane bauer and josh have been held for more than a year. they were arrested near iran-iraq border in july 2009. reporters in iran were inform by text message that the release would co-inside with a festival that tends muslim holiday or holy month of ramadan. soon after the news broke, the hikers' mothers release ad statement saying they are desperately seeking more informing. >>> some surprising criticism of the cuban government from, of all people, the former cuban president fidel castro. he said the economic model doesn't work. castro made the comment in an interview to the atlantic magazine. his remarks appear to be consistent with his brother raul who i
FOX News
Sep 9, 2010 7:00pm EDT
. >> the driver of the 18-wheeler stuck his hand out the window, you know, help. and me and three or four other people went over and pried the door open and helped him get out. >> shepard: he is fine now, we're told. while that rescue was ongoing, forecasters were keeping an eye on the storm that eventually spawned more than a half dozen tornadoes. let's get to meteorologist dan henry of my fox 4. my fox dfw. one of those pushed into city. >> it sure did. touched down a mere three miles, shepard, from downtown class. and it only stayed on the ground about a half mile or so. now, this was a fairly strong tornado packing winds of about 115 miles per hour. had it stayed on the ground, just a few miles, it would have hit portions of what we call uptown dallas, just north of downtown and perhaps the park cities as well. so, we did have some damage from it, but it could have been much, much worse had it stayed on the ground just a few miles. >> shepard: as it turned out those twisters popped up while you were dealing with floodwaters it was a mess it? >> was one of the wildest it 4 hour periods you w
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